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McDonald’s History

Of course, we are starting with the big one… With 36,900 McDonald’s locations is by far the king of fast food in the world. Only Subway has more locations, but McDonald’s is a much bigger brand with much larger sales than Subway.

McDonald’s is the quintessential fast food place.  It might not have been the first and it may not be the best, but if you grew up anytime in the last 60 years, you have grown up with McDonald’s in one way or another and we talk about it’s history today on Fast Food History.

Thanks for listening to Fast Food History, the first episode.

Next week: Little Caesar’s Pizza, who launched the first Detroit-style deep dish pizza that is available nationwide.

Fast Food History Podcast – Trailer

Welcome to the podcast about Fast Food History.  This is one of the first projects, I’ve done, that is not Tech or Podcast related. Just something I’ve spent a lot of time reading about.

As a fast food connoisseur, I really like digging into the history of these places (past and present).  I’ve spent hours on the net researching and reading about the history of these places.  I plan on doing 1 fast-food chain (or even a single local place) every week.

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Of course, if you have a suggestion of a place I should research and do an episode about, contact me.

Just remember, Fast food is NOT good for you every day or for every meal. ENJOY fast food responsibly! Everything in moderation.