Little Caesars Pizza History

What do Car Factories, Hockey, Baseball, mushrooms and the Civil Rights movement have to do with Little Caesars Pizza? Find out today on Fast Food History.

Today we go over the history of the fastest growing pizza chain in the world. We also talk about Mike Ilitch, founder of Little Caesars and how Little Caesars Pizza and Ilitch Holdings Inc. are a very giving company.

Ilitch Holdings owns (privately held) Little Caesars, The Detroit Red Wings, Detriot Tigers, Blue Line Foodservice, Little Caesars Pizza Kits, Champion Foods, Olympia Entertainment, Olympia Development, Uptown Entertainment, and the Hockeytown Cafe and the Fox Theatre in Downtown Detroit.

News story:  Mike Ilitch paid for Rosa Parks Rent for 10+ years

Pizza Pizza!

Next week, Love them or hate them, we are going to talk about White Castle.

Just remember, Fast food is NOT good for you every day or for every meal. ENJOY fast food responsibly! Everything in moderation.